We’re at 3111 Cedar Hill Road, between Cook and the Cedar Hill Rec Centre.  Cabin 12 serves the best homemade Breakfast and Lunch.

Open 9-3 every day for coffee, breakfast, lunch and brunch. We are getting well-known for our bountiful burgers. We also have a range of vegetarian and vegan options.

“Cabin 12 is more than the sum of its parts: funky and cheerful decor, friendly bantering staff, coffee worth coming back for, out of this world hollandaise, a gathering place for our dearest friends, the free record box….it has become the Sunday ritual!”

Our Approach

We are all about the comfort food — well made, from good quality ingredients. Most everything is started from scratch because we want our staff to be able to take pride in doing work that requires skill… not just heating up pre-made things.

We’ve come a long way from very humble beginnings when Corey thought it would be a good idea to open a restaurant on $15,000 scraped together from friends and family on a Facebook page. Ya, that’s a good $300,000 less than a normal restaurant startup. In its early days, the restaurant was twice saved by community donations — we’ll always remember and work to give back.

Yes, there is a real Cabin 12 cabin. It is at the Blue Lake forestry camp and it was Corey’s cabin when he was a camp counsellor. It had the big porch where everyone was welcome — exactly like the restaurant.

Location and Opening Hours

Open 9-3, seven days a week. We are close by 2:30 on stat holidays, though.

We are at 3111 Cedar Hill Road, where Oaklands, Quadra-Hillside, and Saanich meet. We are seven doors down from the intersection of  Finlayson and Cedar Hill. Well, on our side of the street it is really the intersection of North Dairy and Cedar Hill Road. Who laid out the roads in this city anyway?


We accept cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Bitcoin.

We take Canadian Tire Money at par!


We don’t take reservations. But call ahead if you have a big group and we’ll try to fit you in: 250-590-1500.